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HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa., February 6, 2006 - Farlex, Inc., publisher of the world's most comprehensive online database of reference information (, announced that, over the weekend, it welcomed its 250,000,000th visitor since the website's launch in the spring of 2003. Nick Simonov, co-founder and president of Farlex, said, "We're delighted that a quarter billion users have benefited from this resource.'s intention is to provide important reference materials to as many people as possible, and we truly feel that we are achieving that goal. We have incredible confidence in the value of this resource, but our growth has exceeded even our highest expectations." has come a long way since its launch two and a half years ago. It debuted as a simple, free online dictionary catering to U.S. customers and has evolved into one of the most authoritative reference sites on the web, serving English-speaking users all over the world. Today, offers access to English, computing, medical, legal, and financial dictionaries, a thesaurus, several encyclopedias, and more.

Simonov credits's audience with the site's success. "We have our users to thank for our growth," he says. "Our site is what it is today because of their input. We cater to their needs and add features according to their suggestions and requests. We feel a responsibility to our users to constantly improve the site so that it better meets their needs, and we're thrilled that this attitude has helped us reach a quarter of a billion people."


Launched in the spring of 2003, has quickly become one of the most comprehensive reference resources on the Web.  From its beginnings as a simple dictionary of everyday terms, has grown to include medical, legal, and computer dictionaries, a thesaurus, several encyclopedias, a literature reference library, and a search engine. A prime online vehicle for active information seekers, has been accessed by more than 250 million visitors.

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Farlex, Inc. ( is an independent, privately- held provider of online reference products based in Huntingdon Valley PA. Founded in 2004, Farlex, Inc. provides innovative, easy-to-use reference and learning tools. Farlex's flagship websites, and, contain over one million pages of literary and reference materials from the world's most respected sources.

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