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“Free dictionary/encyclopedia rocks!! You guys rock!!  I just discovered your site yesterday and am already in love with it!! … I plan to use it whenever possible and recommend it to friends!!”  –


”Thanks for the dictionary.  Fantastic information, I love the detail!!” –

Tania, Australia

“I love your word of the day.” –


“I was doing some research this morning for a project and surfed into your site.  It had the information that I needed in one central location.  Nice!  Saved me a great deal of time.” –

SNP, Pennsylvania

"The best dictionary I have ever found on the net!” -


“I use your dictionary every day.  I'm a teacher and author of books, and often look up words here. I like the new lay out very much…Thank you for the help you give me and thousands around the world in the difficult task of understanding and using English correctly.” -


”I very much like your word for the day and daily encyclopedia sample. I have set your page as one of my four home pages on Firefox. It is nice to have it pop up when I begin browsing, so I can start out improving my vocabulary. Thanks.” -

Roger, San Francisco

“…I'm writing this from Italy. Yes, I'm Italian.

With my words here I really hope to be able to express all of my feelings of gratitude and appreciation for your terrific site.  I just love it! More! I love it just as if it was a rock star and I was a teenager. I've never saw anything like that in my 10 years of surfing.

English is my second language, by now. I've been studying it for 20 years or more, though here in Italia it is not well taught at school...You, with your site, are my new teachers. Some friendly teachers. I would spend hours and hours surfing the site, if I had more time…I like to surf it just as it was a news site or a magazine, a photobook.” –

Roberto, Italy

”I am writing this letter to send my appreciation to

To Koreans who don't speak English as a mother tongue, accurate English meanings or usages would be a big question all the time. They used to get stuck with such a hard question.

However, your site gives them a clear answer.  It is more than convenient to get a variety of information in one place, even at a time. In this point, I am completely happy with your website.

I can get any kinds of information and learn social implications of the English language with only a few clicks and checks. It has been the best luck for me to learn this valuable website.

I would like to give my special thanks to all relevant people work for the operation of this site.” –

Brian, Los Angeles

”I love the site!  It always surprises me how much more than just a dictionary it is.” –


”I get a lot of ‘word of the day’ e-mails, but yours is THE BEST!  I love it!  The additional info and aesthetics are terrific ‘extras.’” -


“I think this is the best site giving comprehensive knowledge on a lot of topics.” –

Anonymous, India

“I love the free dictionary!! I'm a college student (graduating next week actually), and I use TFD as my starting point to gather information, find resources, etc. before I go anywhere else. This is finals week and I'm here for help. Thank you, thank you!” -


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